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Separate Slip Rings

Separate slip ring is the stator as the contact brush, the rotor as the conductive, gas, and fluid connection channel. The advantage of the separated slip ring is that it is flexible and simple, can better adapt to space constraints, and meet some specific installation requirements and special installation environments.Separate slip rings are widely used in industrial machine processing centers, rotating workbenches, heavy equipment towers, cable reels, packaging equipment, magnetic clutches, process control equipment, rotation sensors, surgical shadowless lights, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment,revolving door, etc.

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model picture ID/Length(mm) OD(mm) Circuits V A more>>
3KM-TS100-1630 100/200mm 140mm 16 380V 5A more>>
3KM-TS020-0603 20/13mm 25mm 6 240V 2A more>>
3KM-TS050-0650 50/200mm 120mm 24 380V 50A more>>

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