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High Current Slip Rings

High current slip ring is a customized slip ring specially designed for high current and high power or signal transmission. The current is generally 50A~3000A. It is widely used in rotating workbenches, cranes, electric winches, and reels.,welding robots, packaging machinery, large radars, ship propellers and other industrial equipment fields. It uses graphite carbon brushes with excellent self-lubrication and wear resistance that have been treated at a high temperature of 2500°C. It has low noise and is protected by a special coating layer. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. The friction will not produce sparks during high-speed rotation. There is no dust accumulation and no sintering phenomenon like metal brushes.

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model picture ID/Length(mm) OD(mm) Circuits V A more>>
3KM-W000-04500 0/296mm 400mm 4 380V 500A more>>
3KM-W050-05200-0510-05S 50/400mm 400mm 15 380V 200A more>>
3KM-T050-06800-1005-E302 50/500mm 450mm 20 380V 1500A more>>
3KM-T300-042000-10500-1205-E306-F001 300/1800mm 650mm 33 380V 2000A more>>

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