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Through Bore Slip Rings

3KM T-series slip ring is designed with a through hole for shaft mounting, the through hole sizes are from 12.7mm to 124.6mm. it could be applied to transmit power, signals, RF, gas and fluid when the devices require 360° rotating.

T-series incorporates cluster brush structure, multi-point uniform contact structure design for each signal, to prevent the phenomenon of packet loss in high-speed rotation of the transmission signal.

Super hard precious metal surface treatment technology, strength, hardness and conductivity are superior to the international military standards hardness.

Good sealing, maintenance-free, low wear, low noise, long service life.

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model picture ID/Length(mm) OD(mm) Circuits V A more>>
3KM-T000-0810-14S 0/180mm 110mm 22 3800/24 VAC/DC 10A more>>
3KM-T020-0410-0605-82S-E3 20/259.5mm 99mm 105 220/24 VAC/DC 5/10A more>>
3KM-T0000-0415-0805-HF01 0/116mm 78mm 13 380 VAC/DC 5A/15A more>>
3KM-T019-0410-17S-E3 19/85mm 78mm 29 28 VAC/DC 10A more>>
3KM-T000-1030-1216-0605-122S-25G-01A 0/775mm 119mm 176 380 VAC/DC 5/16/30A more>>
3KM-T000-0320 0/53mm 56mm 3 220V 20A more>>
3KM-T010-0302 10/23mm 29mm 3 24V 2A more>>
3KM-T013-0408-04S-E3 13/46.5mm 35mm 17 60V 8A more>>
3KM-T000-0520-2210-2205 0/276mm 100mm 49 380V 5/10/20A more>>
3KM-T02042-0502 20/25.4mm 42mm 5 240V 2A more>>
3KM-T012-0410-0205-08S-1G 12/56mm 85mm 15 220 VAC/DC 5/10A more>>
3KM-T000-2905-01A 0/142.7mm 78mm 30 380V 5A more>>
3KM-T000-1705-01A 0/104.1mm 78mm 18 380V 5A more>>
3KM-T000-1205-01A 0/94.5mm 78mm 13 380V 5A more>>
3KM-T000-0810-16S-2G 0/124.6mm 86mm 26 380V 10A more>>
3KM-T000-0810-21S-2G-01A 0/124mm 86mm 35 380V 10A more>>
3KM-T096185 series 96mm 185mm 6-24 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T080160 Series 80mm 160mm 6-24 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T070135 Series 70mm 135mm 0-24 240V 5-15 more>>
3KM-T060135 Series 60mm 135mm 24 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T050119 Series 50mm 119mm 24 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T03899 Series 38.1mm 99mm 24 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T02578 Series 25.4mm 78mm 24 240 0~15 more>>
3KM-T02586 Series 25.4mm 86mm 26 240V 5A more>>
3KM-T01256 Series 12.7mm 56mm 24 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T01253 Series 12.7mm 53mm 26 240V 5A more>>

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