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Fiber-Electric Slip Rings

Fiber-Electric slip ring is a combined Fiber Optic Rotary Joint and electrical solution, suitable for some applications which require to high-speed signal, mass data, high accuracy, and long-distance transmission from stationary inlets to rotating outlets.

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model picture ID/Length(mm) OD(mm) Circuits V A more>>
3KM-T02210 Series 0/82.2mm 85mm 23 240V 15A more>>
3KM-T02210F1-2202-F001 0/38mm 21mm 22 240V 2A more>>
3KM-T02210F1-2002-F001 0/38mm 21mm 20 240V 2A more>>
3KM-T02210F1-1802-F001 0/38mm 21mm 18 240V 2A more>>
3KM-T02210F1-1602-F002 0/38mm 21mm 16 240V 2A more>>
3KM-T02210F1-1602-F001 0/38mm 21mm 16 240V 2A more>>

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