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Electric Slip Rings

Electrical slip ring is a rotating assembly that could transfer power, control circuits or data (analog / digital) during 360° rotating, including capsule slip ring, miniature slip ring, through bore slip ring, high power slip ring and pancake slip ring, etc.

Electrical slip ring can be combined with other medium for transmission, such as Gas+Electrical slip ring, Fluid+Electrical slip ring, RF+Electrical slip ring, Fiber optic+Electrical slip ring, etc.

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model picture ID/Length(mm) OD(mm) Circuits V A more>>
3KM-C440F1 Series 0/130mm 44mm 43 240V 2/5A more>>
3KM-M155F1 Series 0/34mm 15.5mm 16-24 240V 2A more>>
3KM-MS124F1 Series 0/19.5mm 12.4mm 4-12 240V 2A more>>
3KM-C205F1 Series 0/24.7mm 20.5mm 12-16 240V 2A more>>

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