Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the brush process of electric slip ring

Advantages and disadvantages of brush technology for conductive slip ring

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the brush process of electric slip ring

Slip ring is a rotating connection componentof electric power, signal and other media composed of rotating (rotor) and stationary (stator)device.Electriccurrent and signal are connected and transmitted through brushes. Therefore, the performance of the brush determines the performance quality of the entire slip ring. Different types of slip rings require different materials and types of brushes, and each has its own characteristics.

Alloy brush wire

The brush wire is generally made of alloy materials, and the surface electroplating process is carried out according to different application requirements. Mainly used in slip rings with low power and small size. It is characterized by easy manufacture, space saving and relatively low cost. However, there are also shortcomings such as easy deformation and poor transmission stability.

Carbon graphite brush

Carbon graphite brush a rectangular contact point, it has a larger contact surface with the conductive ring, which is suitable for high-current electric slip rings. it is made of carbon graphite sometimes with metals included to boost current capacity. It has high conductivity, good oxidation resistance and stability. The disadvantage is that different graphite materials and manufacturing processes have large differences in conductivity, large volume, and high manufacturing costs.

Polyfilament brushes

Polyfilament is also made of precious metal and partially wraps the slip-ring drum, includes multiple contacts per channel. Due to the large and large contact surface, higher current can be transmitted, which makes them suitable for transmitting sensitive analog signals or data at high rates for real-time control. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the transmission volatility is large and difficult to control, and there is a potential risk of short circuit due to the deformation of the brush wire.

Rolling ring brush 

The rolling ring brush is similar to the ball principle in the ball bearing, and uses the rolling between the flexible ring and the ring to connect and transmit the power signal. It is characterized by low noise, reduced dust caused by friction, higher speed, lower rolling friction and longer life. However, they also have disadvantages such as higher cost, higher requirements for manufacturing process precision, and higher difficulty in repairing once worn.

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