Understand the real quality and service life of the conductive slip ring 2022-05-23

Super long life conductive slip ring enters a new era of standardized design, Understand the real quality and service life of the conductive slip ring.

3KMLink breaks through the technical barrier of high price of optical fiber slip rings 2022-04-01

The biggest advantage of this fiber optic slip ring is that it is fast, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost: the optical axis alignment is completed in 1 second; no precision fixtures are required; the pass-through rate is as high as 100%.

Comparative analysis of slip ring contacts' coating process performance 2021-07-27

"Tough as steel, smooth as a mirror; external corrosion resistance, internal corrosion resistance" This is the unique feature of ENAP's Super hard precious metal surface treatment technology. Although it has good overall performance, it is still used in conductive slip rings in high-demand fields such as military products, aerospace, and navigation due to the extremely high process cost.

Analysis on the hidden dangers of using lubricating grease in electric slip rings 2021-07-09

In order to avoid the hidden danger of causing short circuits, the lubricating grease used in the slip ring must be insulated. Moreover, lubricating grease will only reduce the electrical conductivity of the slip ring contacts, and will never increase the electrical conductivity.

3KMLink-Focus on slip ring applications in the three major areas of security, industry and military 2021-06-14

Security monitoring, military communications and intelligent industry are our three main service areasof 3KM Link.