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The slip rings of servomechanism(Servo)

The slip rings of servomechanism(Servo)

Servomechanism is also called Servo, it is an automatic device that uses error-sensing negative feedback to correct the action of a mechanism. The servo is mainly composed of three basic parts: the main controller (servo), signal transmission (transmission channel, slip ring), and execution feedback (servo motor). The basic requirements of the servo are stability, high precision, and fast response. Therefore, the transmission quality of the command signal is particularly important. It must have good characteristics such as lossless transmission, no signal loss, fast response speed, and resistance to external interference.

3KM LINK specific slip rings for Servo are with structural optimization design, we the first in the industry to realize automated production, with extremely high consistency and stability, after continuous and long-term inspection and testing of professional data transmission equipment, data loss and signal flicker have been eliminated, 3KM LINK specific slip rings can be used in various servo or servo motors for military, scientific research, industry etc., Such as artillery control, autopilot, missile launch, robots, industrial manipulators, automatic control equipment, wireless tracking control, etc.

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