Microwave radar

The slip rings of communication (or radar/microwave) antenna

The slip rings of communication (or radar/microwave) antenna

The specific slip ring for communication (or radar/microwave) antenna is a combined slip ring to transmit HD signal, RF signal, microwave signal during 360 degrees rotating. According to different wavelength ranges and different application areas, they are divided into high-frequency electric slip rings, radio frequency electric slip rings and microwave electric slip rings. It is mainly applied in high-tech equipment that needs to be rotated and connected to transmit microwave and radio frequency signals, such as military radars, satellite communications, national defense navigation, radar antennas, microwave weapons, military reconnaissance, maritime surveillance, microwave antenna detectors, meteorological surveys, industrial inspections, satellite TV, vehicle-mounted PTZ, shipborne PTZ, etc. It can combine control signals, power, communication signals, gas, fluid, etc., support simultaneous transmission of multi-channel radio frequency signals and microwave signals as well.

Relying on the technical support of military-level enterprises in laser, radio frequency, and optical fiber communication, we have integrated the military product technology research and development, automation and intelligent production process, quality control experience and rich resource advantages in these three fields in the past 20 years. We have unique experience and advantages in the transmission technology research and development of microwave slip rings, radio frequency electric slip rings, RF signals, analog signals, digital signals, and weak electrical signals, as well as product manufacturing technology and quality control. According to market demand, different slip ring product series are subdivided to meet various professional application fields.

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