Security monitoring

Suitable for various security monitoring PTZ;It can transmit digital signal, analog signal, video signal, photoelectric power at the same time; Suitable for HD-SDI high-definition video signal transmission such as 1080P, 1080I, etc. The speed can reach more than 1800°/sec, which fully meets the speed requirements of high-speed dome cameras. Adapt to MMCX, SMA, MCX, BNC, SMB connectors and different wire specifications.

construction machinery

Applicable to various heavy construction machinery and equipment such as lifting, excavating, drilling, etc.;Compact structure, quick connector design, flexible installation and high reliability;Special sealing structure, protection level up to IP68;High anti-seismic technology all-metal shell structure design, anti-seismic strength ≥4.5G; Thoroughly solve the requirements of high power output, signal transmission and work in extreme environments

Medical equipment

In response to different medical equipment needs, we have developed a series of electric slip rings with different combinations of transmission media, which are divided into two types: standard products and customized products, such as miniature slip rings used on various 360° rotating joints on surgical shadowless lamps, Multi-channel optic electric combination hollow-shaft slip ring used in high-end operating tables and micro-detection instruments; high-speed capsule slip ring used in CT scanners and nuclear magnetic resonance instruments.

UAV photoelectric pod

High temperature resistance, protection level up to IP67; Compact structure, small size and strong anti-vibration performance; Unique single-channel multi-point touch design, the resistance fluctuation value is reduced by an order of magnitude; Meet high-speed, high-definition, large-capacity digital signal and analog signal data transmission requirements; Special ring structure design, under the premise of ensuring the same service life, data transmission is more stable.


Automated production to ensure a high degree of consistency and stability; Innovative loop and brush wire design, dynamic resistance change value <0.005Ω; Unique single-channel multi-point touch design, signal transmission is more stable and reliable; High rotation accuracy, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, stainless steel miniature bearings; A variety of simultaneous transmission of control power, digital signals, radio frequency signals, gas, fluid and other media.