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How to reduce the interference between transmission signals of conductive slip ring?

Conductive slip ring can be used to transmit power and signal. Power supply and signal will produce interference, which is divided into internal interference and external interference.

In order for designers to understand the signal type, special signals must be used for internal and external shielding of special signals. For the formed conductive slip ring, it is found that the signal of the conductive slip ring is disturbed, and the external conductor can shield itself. If it still cannot be solved, the internal structure of the conductive slip ring can only be redesigned.


What is the effect of overload operation of conductive slip ring?

The maximum allowable current of the conductive slip ring is determined by the cross-sectional area of the conductive ring, the contact area of the brush, the pressure between the brush and the contact surface, the rotation of the contact and other comprehensive factors.

Beyond this value, the conductive slip ring will generate heat if it is light, which will seriously lead to fire on the contact surface, and even a welding point will be formed between the brush and the conductive ring. It is recommended that the user provide the actual maximum current to the slip ring manufacturer when customizing the conductive slip ring.

What are the causes of conductive slip ring short circuit?

The conductive slip ring is short circuited. If the conductive slip ring is short circuited after being used for a period of time, it may be that the service life of the conductive slip ring has been reached, or the conductive slip ring is used for a long time, resulting in internal combustion.

If the new conductive slip ring has a short circuit, it is due to the insulation material problem inside the conductive slip ring, or the short circuit between brush wires, the short circuit caused by lubricating grease, the short circuit caused by excessive powder accumulation, and the damage of the conductor skin, which need to be checked one by one.