hybrid slip ring of optical + Ethernet signal + power + multi-signals 2021-05-29

Fiber-Electric slip ring isalsocalled photoelectric hybrid slip ring, It's suitable for some applications which require to high-speed signal, mass data, high accuracy, and long-distance transmission from stationary inlets to rotating outlets.

hybrid slip ring of High frequency + power + multi-signals 2021-05-29

Hybrid high frequency signal slip ring and electric slip ring mainly is applied in Satellite communication system, Radar antenna system, military system devices, HD network video surveillance system and missile defense system.

hybrid slip ring multiple ethernet channel, power and signal combinations 2021-06-07

Ethernet signal transmission accounts for 83.5% of the slip ring applications, and it has become the standard for slip rings. And the speed of network signal transmission has gradually spread from 100M to Gigabit, to meet the needs of more, faster and larger transmission.

Hybrid slip ring of high frequency+ power+ Multiple transmission media 2021-06-07

In many practical applications of slip rings, it is necessary to transmit multiple signals at the same time, such as a combination of radio frequency, video, control signal and power. Moreover, sometimes the same signal requires multiple transmission channels. In order to allocate and design the transmission channel structure between different signals more reasonably, this requires in-depth cooperation and communication between slip ring manufacturers and users, and continuous optimization in order to obtain the best solution.

quick connector and electric slip ring solution 2021-06-07

In some automation equipment applications, it is necessary to use a quick connector to meet the needs of fast assembly and disassembly.