Medical equipment

The slip ring of medical equipmen

The slip ring of medical equipmen

With the development of intelligent, automated, and informatized electronic technology and medical equipment, slip rings are widely used in medical equipment, such as shadowless lamps, operating tables, CT scan, optical imagers, analytical instruments and other equipment. The application of slip ring technology enables medical equipment to achieve 360° unrestricted rotation, which greatly improves the convenience of operation and the work efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, it can stably transmit different data signals, control signals and other signal systems.

Such as CT scanner transmits image data from a rotating x-ray detector to a stationary data processing computer, while retaining image clarity in the process. Due to the rigorous demands on their subsystems and components, CT scanners require reliable, high performance slip rings that can offer increasing data transmission and the reliability required in medical applications.

The slip ring for medical equipment developed by 3KM LINK is not only more compact in structure, but also meets the demanding space requirements; it adopts a unique single-channel multi-point touch design, which reduces the resistance fluctuation value by an order of magnitude, low electrical noise, unique shielding mode, strong anti-interference ability; modular design, and a variety of installation methods for optional, combines transmission of digital signals, analog signals, Ethernet signals, control signals, power, etc. 

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