Security monitoring

The slip ring of Security monitoring

The application of slip rings in CCTV dome camera

There are some highly integrated products, such as photoelectric pods, drones and CCTV camera. They integrate PTZ system, communication system, and camera systems. Slip rings are required to “de-rotate” a signal coming from a rotating platform, such as a rotating gimbal of a scanning vision system. CCTV is one common application. PTZ system refers to the 360-degree rotating part driven by the motor, which is the key position where the slip ring needs to be used. As a key part, slip rings ensure that the data transmission is completed under 360-degree uninterrupted high-speed rotation, and ensure the integrity of the data and the speed of transmission.

Due to the limited internal space of the dome camera, the size of the slip ring is strictly required. According to different types of dome camera, available capsule slip rings with outer diameters of 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 22mm.

Especially the high-definition RF slip ring series, it is a specially developed to meet high-speed serial digital signal or analog signal transmission. It is suitable for HD-SDI video signal transmission such as 1080P and 1080I, and the transmission rate can reach 3Gbps/3GHz or higher. The slip ring can combine 1channel high-frequency signal and 8 or 12 channels conventional signal. The RF signal adopts a 50Ω/75Ω characteristic impedance RF coaxial structure; the conventional signal path can be used for transmission of power, control signals or other low-frequency signals.

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