Shenzhen 3km link Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to R&D, production, sales, automatic and intelligent technology of slip ring.

Integrated the advantages of military product technology R&D, automation and intelligent production processes, quality control experience in optical communications, microwave devices, and laser technology in the past 20 years. 

3KM is a pioneer of the slip ring industry with a professional background in laser technology, optical communications, and military devices, and promote the development of automation and intelligence of slip ring industry.


The first fully automated and intelligent production line in the slip ring industry

Reliability and consistency are the core performance indicators of slip rings.Traditional slip ring manufacturers cannot achieve automated production of key processes,evenan experienced technical engineer cannot guarantee the consistency of any two slip rings assembled.More than 95% of the quality impact comes from the production process and assembly of the slip ring brush wire.

With our own advantages, we 3KMLink have adopted automation and intelligence as the development policy at the beginning of the establishment, committed to solving the industry's pain points and technical bottlenecks such as easy to flicker, inability to connect to high-speed and RF signals, and automated assembly.In-depth cooperation with industry giants such as security, automation equipment, robots, drones and military research institutes, innovated in the structural design, production process, assembly process, performance test and technology of the slip ring, created the first and only fully automated and intelligent production line in the slip ring industry. The production efficiency of slip rings is increased by more than 10 times, Optical fiber slip ring pass-through rate up to 100%.To ensure the reliability and consistency, provide high-quality slip rings for security, intelligent manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, navigation, military and other industries.

In addition, while creating the automatic production of slip rings, we also began to plan the inspection and testing data system of slip ring technology. According to the characteristics of different industries applications, we carried out various inspections and tests on slip rings, and established corresponding databases and analysis system.

We will build the first big data center in the slip ring industry, which will not only lead the automation and intelligent development of the slip ring industry, but also promote the standardization and digitization of the industry, realize the simultaneous development of the "four modernizations" of the slip ring industry, and benefit the future of the industry.