Electric Slip Rings

Electrical slip ring is a rotating assembly that could transfer power, control circuits or data (analog / digital) during 360° rotating, including capsule slip ring, miniature slip ring, through bore slip ring, high power slip ring and pancake slip ring, etc. Electrical slip ring can be combined with other medium for transmission, such as Gas+Electrical slip ring, Fluid+Electrical slip ring, RF+Electrical slip ring, Fiber optic+Electrical slip ring, etc.

3KM-C440F1 Series

3KM-M155F1 Series

3KM-MS124F1 Series

3KM-C205F1 Series

Fiber-Electric Slip Rings

Fiber-Electric slip ring is a combined Fiber Optic Rotary Joint and electrical solution, suitable for some applications which require to high-speed signal, mass data, high accuracy, and long-distance transmission from stationary inlets to rotating outlets.

3KM-T02210 Series






Capsule Slip Rings

Capsule slip rings are designed with flange, 3KM C-series have undergone subversive innovations in terms of structural design, production process, assembly process, performance testing, etc. The key node processes have all realized automated production, eliminating the artificial destruction of consistency during production and installation.

3KM-C440F1 Series

3KM-C205F1 Series

3KM-MS124F1 Series

3KM-M155F1 Series

Through Bore Slip Ring

3KM T-series slip ring is designed with a through hole for shaft mounting, the through hole sizes are from 12.7mm to 124.6mm. it could be applied to transmit power, signals, RF, gas and fluid when the devices require 360° rotating.

  T-series incorporates cluster brush structure, multi-point uniform contact structure design for each signal, to prevent the phenomenon of packet loss in high-speed rotation of the transmission signal.

  Super hard precious metal surface treatment technology, strength, hardness and conductivity are superior to the international military standards hardness.











Fiber Optic Slip Ring is a rotating assembly that could transfer electricity and Fiber signal during 360° rotating,The fiber optic slip ring is fully sealed, and the optical signal adopts non-contact and independent propagation, which will not cause interference to electrical signals, nor is it immune to electromagnetic interference, and is highly adaptable to the application environment, such as low temperature, high pressure and electromagnetic interference, with a long-life span.


3KM-F001 Series

3KM-F001A Series

3KM-F001B Series

3KM-F003C Series

Pancake Slip Rings

The pancake slip ring is a slip ring in which the brush wires and ring channels are designed in a flat concentric circular shape. Its multi-channel brush wires and ring channels are radially distributed from the inside to the outside on the same plane. The height can be as small as 5mm, pancake slip ring is designed for somewhere vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive.

3KM-P050-1205/10 Series

3KM-P050-1805/10 Series

3KM-P025-0605/10 Series

3KM-P020-1005/10 Series

3KM-PS005-1005/10 Series

About 3KMLink

The slip ring manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the laser, RF, and communications industries.

3KMLink Slip Ring

Integrated the advantages of military product technology R&D, automation and intelligent production processes, quality control experience in optical communications, microwave devices, and laser technology in the past 20 years.


Automatic assembly

Reliability and consistency are the core performance indicators of conductive slip ring technology. 3000 meter connection took the automation and intelligence of conductive slip ring as the development policy at the beginning of its establishment


Innovative performance testing

Most slip ring manufacturers use a low resistance tester to test the conductive slip ring, but the sampling rate of the instrument is low, less than 20 times / s, resulting in flashover


Automatic production

Created the first and only fully automated and intelligent production line in the slip ring industry. The production efficiency of slip rings is increased by more than 10 times, Optical fiber slip ring pass-through rate up to 100%.

Detection system

According to different market demand characteristics, the 3000 meter connection has conducted various tests on the conductive slip ring, and established the first big data center and analysis system in the slip ring industry

Limit life detection of conductive slip ring

The limit life test of conductive slip ring is to operate continuously for 24 hours under the set speed state until the transmission signal of conductive slip ring fails. 3000 meters connect all newly developed conductive slip rings, which must undergo small batch limit life test to verify the relationship between the actual life of the product and the design life

Slip ring pull-off force detection

It is used to detect the pull-off force of the brush wire, loop, solder joint, terminal and other parts of the electric slip ring.

Slip ring torque test

The inspection and testing machine calibrate the torque of the electric slip ring to determine whether the sample meets the torque requirement.

Limit life detection of conductive slip ring

Slip ring pull-off force detection

Slip ring torque test


Mounting Instructions for slip rings, 3KMLink


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Understand the real quality and service life of the conductive slip ring

Super long life conductive slip ring enters a new era of standardized design, Understand the real quality and service life of the conductive slip ring.



3KMLink breaks through the technical barrier of high price of optical fiber slip rings

The biggest advantage of this fiber optic slip ring is that it is fast, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost: the optical axis alignment is completed in 1 second; no precision fixtures are required; the pass-through rate is as high as 100%.



Comparative analysis of slip ring contacts' coating process performance

"Tough as steel, smooth as a mirror; external corrosion resistance, internal corrosion resistance" This is the unique feature of ENAP's Super hard precious metal surface treatment technology. Although it has good overall performance, it is still used in conductive slip rings in high-demand fields such as military products, aerospace, and navigation due to the extremely high process cost.

Technical video

Security monitoring conductive slip ring packet loss rate test video

Pneumatic slip ring service life test video

Bit error rate test of monitoring signal transmission of high speed ball machine with conductive slip ring

Security monitoring conductive slip ring packet loss rate test video

Pneumatic slip ring service life test video

Bit error rate test of monitoring signal transmission of high speed ball machine with conductive slip ring

technical support

Application of slip ring in industrial robot field

Conductive slip ring is widely used in the key components of modern robot, such as mechanical structure system, driving system, sensing system and interactive system. It is an indispensable component for robot to realize intelligence, automation and personification, from industrial manipulator and cooperative robot to commercial and consumer robot